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The winner – The Charcooler by Patrik von Ahn
 and Magnus Ödling

The finalists

After a hard deliberation due to many strong contestants the jury have found their five finalists. Many thanks to all of you that participated in The Cold Tech Challenge.

1. Mechanical Cooling Container

Marcus Segerros

2. Charocool

Patrik von Ahn
, Magnus Ödling

3. The Rocket

Alok Alström, 
Rikard Candell, 
Joachim Karlsson, 
Jan Ribe

4. Coolingen

Hans Hällström

5. Chill Drill

Marcus Blohm
, Johanna Fischerström, 
Josefine Gunnarsson, Gustav Larsson, Victor Nilvander


A unique FundedByMe campaign
Mentoring, marketing and other tools to get your idea to stand out and reach all the way as a crowdfunding campaign.

Norrlands Guld as your first customer
If your idea reaches all the way as a crowdfunding campaign there is a guaranteed first order with an order value of 50 000 SEK.

How the contest works:

1. Register
Sign up here to take part of the whole project.
2. Entries
Submit your entry no later than June 12, 2015, 23:59 (CET).
3. Finals 
A number of finalists are selected. Their entries are visualized and presented to the public.
4. Winner 
The winner will be announced and start a unique campaign together with FundedByMe.

The challenge is open to Swedish and international participants and welcomes entries from both individuals and teams, as well as from organizations and companies. You must be at least 20 years old to participate. Read more about the qualifications here.